Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine is a thrilling Ancient Egypt-themed slot developed by a leading company in the gambling industry. With this game, you will embark on an exciting journey through the pyramids, exploring the secrets of the pharaohs and their treasures. With beautifully rendered graphics and captivating music, Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Read on Pharaoh’s Fortune slot review to find out more.

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The mechanics of Pharaoh's Fortune slot

Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game is a conventional 5-reel slot machine with 15 paylines in terms of its mechanics. Here are some features and rules to help you understand its mechanics:

  • The slot contains various symbols related to the Ancient Egypt theme, such as pharaohs, pyramids, scarabs and others. Each symbol has its own value and can form winning combinations when drawn on active lines.
  • You can select the number of active paylines before each spin. The Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game offers up to 15 paylines and the more paylines you have active, the more chances you have to win.
  • You can adjust your bet by choosing the number of coins per line and their denomination. The total bet for each spin is calculated as the multiplication of the number of active lines per line bet.
  • One can come across multiple bonus symbols and features while playing the Pharaoh's Fortune slot. The Pharaoh emblem serves as a wild symbol and can take the place of other symbols in order to create winning combinations, but cannot replace bonus symbols. Also, players have the chance to participate in a Tomb Tour bonus game, which gives them the opportunity to gain more free spins and increase their chances of winning.
  • Winnings in Pharaoh’s Fortune online slot depend on combinations of symbols on active lines and their value. Different combinations of symbols produce different winnings, and the most valuable symbols can lead to big payouts.

The overall mechanics of Pharaoh's Fortune slot is simple and straightforward, making it accessible for beginners and enjoyable for experienced players. A variety of symbols and bonus features add variety and excitement to the gameplay, creating the potential for big winnings.

Bonus features in Pharaoh's Fortune:

  • Pharaoh’s Fortune slot bonus "Tomb Tour": To activate this feature, you need to get three Pharaoh symbols on one payline. You will then be taken to the Pharaoh's tomb, where a variety of treasures await you. You will be asked to choose from several chests which hold free spins and winnings multipliers.
  • Expanded symbols: During a Tomb Raider bonus game, some symbols can become expanded symbols occupying multiple positions on the reels. This increases your chances of winning big winnings.
  • Pharaoh symbols: The Pharaoh symbols are the most valuable symbols in the game. They can fill the reels, which helps to create more winning combinations.
  • Free Spins: If you get a combination of three pyramid symbols, you get 10 free spins. During the free spins, the Tomb Tour features and advanced symbols are also available.

Experience the thrill of ancient Egypt with the Pharaoh’s Fortune online slot game. Enjoy the chance to win big with its captivating design and thrilling bonus features. Step into the shoes of an explorer and immerse yourself in the excitement of uncovering the riches of this legendary civilization.

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Pharaoh's Fortune slot RTP

Pharaoh’s Fortune slot RTP is approximately 96%, which means that on a long-term basis, a player can expect to get back about 96% of their bets. This is quite a high figure, which makes this slot attractive to players, and together with the bonus features and potentially large winnings makes the game even more exciting and interesting. It is important to note that the RTP is a theoretical figure, and specific game results may vary in the short term.

How to play Pharaoh's Fortune slot machine free

One can experience playing Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine free without betting by utilizing the demo mode provided by certain Internet gambling platforms. Follow these easy steps to commence playing for free:

  • Ensure that the casino you select to play the Pharaoh's Fortune slot machine in demo mode is legitimate and has a valid license. Look for an online casino to fulfill your needs.
  • Register on the casino website by creating an account. In some cases, registration may require you to enter basic personal information.
  • Once your registration has been approved, access your account on the casino website.
  • Find IGT Pharaoh’s Fortune slot in the slot machines section or in a casino search. It is usually listed by name or software provider, such as IGT.
  • Run Pharaoh's Fortune slot in demo mode. In this mode, you will receive virtual credits that you can use to bet.
  • Enjoy playing Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine free! Get hooked on the excitement of the Pharaoh's Fortune slot machine without the potential loss of actual cash with virtual credits. Get fully engulfed in the ambiance, make your wagers, turn the dials, and revel in the gameplay risk-free.

It should be emphasized that using the demo mode provides an opportunity for players to become accustomed to the mechanics and features of the slot game, but it does not offer any chance of earning actual cash prizes. To participate in real money gameplay, making a deposit into your casino account and switching to real money mode is necessary.

Pharaoh's Fortune slot machine for mobile. How to Download

Experience the thrill of playing the Pharaoh's Fortune slot machine on-the-go with just a tap of your finger. Whether you prefer to access it through online casino mobile apps or mobile versions of their websites, this game is readily available for your entertainment. If you're looking to enjoy the game without any downloads, fret not for Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine free download is available. Simply follow these steps to access the game conveniently on your mobile device:

  • Opt for a dependable and authorized internet-based casino that provides Pharaoh's Fortune game, easily accessible on mobile devices. Verify whether the casino endorses your operating system like the iOS or Android before proceeding.
  • Visit the casino's official website from your mobile device or find it on the relevant app shop (e.g. App Store or Google Play).
  • If you visit the casino website, search for "Mobile Casino" or "Download App" and follow the instructions to download and install the app on your device. If you are using the app shop, simply click the 'Install' button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After installing Pharaoh’s Fortune slot app, open it and log in to your account or create a new one if you don't already have an account.
  • Look for Pharaoh's Fortune slot inside the app and click on it to start playing. It's usually found in the Slots or Slots category.

Experience the thrills of Pharaoh's Fortune slot anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. To engage in real money gameplay, a deposit into your in-app game account may be necessary.

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